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About DN1

Drawing Number One, Inc. (DN1) is known for incisive change management strategies that deliver business-focused solutions to enhance organizational effectiveness. DN1 excels at preparing companies, teams and individuals for broad organizational changes.

With offices in Chicago, IL and Beaufort, SC and associates in New York, Atlanta and Dallas, DN1 has extensive domestic and international experience (Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, South America). Our company is known for its highly effective, experienced consultants who have from 10 to 25 years of experience in their fields.

DN1 designs human resources approaches, leadership development strategies and adult learning solutions to enhance human performance across all organizational levels.

Acting as a "custom builder," DN1 designs and develops change initiatives to suit the unique needs of companies and their particular business challenges. We pull together the intelligent and personable talent you need to enhance your company's competitive edge.

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solutions to enhance human performance across all organizational levels