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DN1 consultants have capabilities in the following areas critical for organizational effectiveness and shepherding change:

Organizational, Team and Individual Assessment and Development - Developing and employing various data gathering tools and techniques such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, and formal psychometric instruments, to identify performance and learning needs, capabilities and barriers for groups and individuals. From our analysis of the critical data, DN1 designs appropriate solutions ranging from curriculum plans to coaching programs.

Change Management - Leading large-scale change management efforts to help organizations achieve their goals. Partner with client teams to identify change implications, stakeholder needs, and strategies for a successful transition.

Communication Strategy and Implementation - Creating comprehensive communication delivery approaches that support, persuade and inform people about the major change initiatives to propel your organization forward. Several of our consultants have backgrounds in professional writing and marketing, which is reflected in our compelling approach to communications.

Instructional Design and Development - Designing and developing custom learning systems, individual programs and courses to ensure knowledge acquisition and improved performance. Our work in this arena ranges from computer-based training and web-delivered designs to more traditional approaches that bring your people in for dynamic face-to-face training.

Facilitation and Training Conduct - Providing highly experienced classroom instruction for existing and newly created programs, as well as offering expert meeting facilitation for a wide range of audience levels, sizes and topics. Our instructors and facilitators consistently score among the best received during training sessions.

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