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DN1 believes in helping clients execute change strategies that neutralize natural and significant resistance, and hasten the uptake of desired behaviors. We emphasize:

Monitoring - Keeping our hand on the pulse of reactions and results, and gathering feedback to anticipate the rise of potential problems. Acting quickly to diffuse possible negative outcomes.

Two-way communication - Designing and executing strategies that ensure key messages are disseminated with appropriate frequency, timing and channel usage.

- Developing channels for ongoing, two-way flow of communication so that people have a voice in the change.

- Working to ensure alignment of key messages up and down the organization.

Results - Ensuring, through the development and delivery of appropriate learning experiences, that people in your organization have the knowledge and skills to perform effectively in new roles and to meet or exceed your changed expectations.

To read DN1 case studies and get a sampling of our approach, expertise and results with past clients, click on the Project "Snapshots" list to the left.


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Project snapshots
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