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Helping a global company adopt a "hoteling" model

Imagine being responsible for moving 4,000 people. Now imagine asking all of those people not only to relocate but to give up their permanent offices and start "making reservations" for space only as needed.

DN1 designed and implemented a series of strategically designed initiatives that included helping key leadership anticipate the natural resistance to this change. We developed a comprehensive plan for just-in-time communications, and supported functional groups with a champions program so employees had a voice in the changing office environment. In addition, we developed training materials to support desired behaviors, and stayed on to make sure employees didn't slip back into "homesteading."

As a result, the client reduced escalating costs of real estate and the workforce appreciated the benefits of flexible workspace supported by first-class service and technology support. DN1 led additional moves for several locations of this global firm over the next few years.


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