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Turning recruiting into a precision-driven search for talent

Many job interviewers shoot from the hip when evaluating job candidates. If a recruit seems like the interviewer, he or she gets the job. We found this to be the case at a major systems-integration firm. The company needed to shed its informal recruiting processes, and attract a more experienced pool of talent.

DN1 advocated a firm wide competency model defining success in this organization. Our work included designing, developing and facilitating courses - face-to-face, as well as computer-based - to teach behavioral interviewing. We gave line personnel and recruiters the tools to find the "golden" recruits with speed and precision.

The client expects to save millions of dollars annually through the adoption of easy-to-use, web-driven processes that move applicants efficiently through the pipeline. In addition, Human Resources has realigned its performance management models with the competency data, further streamlining the process for time-pressed managers to recruit, hire and evaluate employees consistently and fairly.


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