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Global HR firm hires faster due to process improvements

A global human resources firm sought the help of Drawing Number One to redesign its recruiting processes to succeed for low-to high tide staffing. Flexing to these changes was the key to effectiveness. to learn about optimal recruiting practices from requisition to hire.

DN1 started with a “big picture” analysis to understand the needs of hiring managers across the company and the barriers hindering Recruiting. Many hiring managers were unhappy with Recruiting’s performance, although drastic reductions in staffing had limited Recruiting’s ability to meet expectations. In addition, recruiters were bogged down in paperwork, lacked administrative support and needed knowledge-sharing tools.

DN1 successfully improved processes through three key projects.

Simplifying requisitions processes: Since the company did not want to boost its Recruiting head count DN1 implemented a simplified requisition process, and developed tools, templates and communications to support better, faster and easier requisition of new hires.

Redefining admin support: DN1 helped redefine the role of Recruiting Processor (RP), pinpointed the logical handoffs, and streamlined workflows to support faster processing.

On-boarding of new recruiters: DN1 recommended creating a new “on boarding tool” for recruiters. This robust knowledge base of online reference tools provided a “one-stop shop” – to learn about optimal recruiting practices from requisition to hire, especially helpful for new hires and contract recruiters.

The outcome: The new processes streamlined requisition management and recruiting support, are helping Recruiters work more effectively and reduce the recruiting cycle time to save time and dollars for this client.


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