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Listed below is DN1's core team of consultants. Our network also includes a large number of affiliated consultants who serve our clients locally, US wide and globally.

We draw from this expanded cadre when:
The business need calls for added specialized capabilities,
The time line is extremely short, or
The project requires a significant, broad range of services.

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Karen Kellow

Karen Kellow is founder and a principal of DN1, Inc. She has more than 25 years of experience in the field of change management, developing human performance approaches and adult learning solutions. Her ease and direct style in communicating with all levels of an organization enable her to help clients build more productive and flexible work environments. She has a knack for finding the best DN1 expertise to address a client's current needs. Karen is experienced with a full range of adult learning initiatives, from curriculum planning to development and delivery of custom-designed seminars. Her content specialties cover many interpersonal and consulting skill areas. In addition, she has worked extensively on identifying competencies for recruiting systems and imbedding those into an overall recruiting and performance management process. Karen is known for managing very large projects. Her success can be measured in her many long-term client relationships.

Frank Cummings photo

Frank Cummings

Frank Cummings, a principal of DN1, Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in change management. An active and masterful seminar leader with expertise in organizational development, Frank has designed and delivered participant-centered workshops and seminars throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. He has worked in all aspects of human resource management and organizational development. His current consulting work focuses on helping business leaders and employees adapt to change. He assists clients in developing performance management systems, building high-performance teams, and facilitating all types of organizational meetings. An experienced executive coach, he conveys the importance of establishing customer-focused sales and service business climates, and is well known for his highly memorable adult learning experiences.

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Sandy Reeser

Sandy Reeser, a principal of DN1, Inc. with over 20 years of global experience aligning people, plans and processes to meet business objectives, particularly in the areas of organization development, change management, culture change and human resource strategies. She is exceptional at framing business needs, identifying improvement opportunities, and delivering tangible solutions that align to business goals. She is committed to providing value-added coaching and consulting services, while building relationships and delivering superior client service. Sandy is a certified in several assessments including Lominger Voices 360™, LEA 360™ (Management Research Group-MRG), Myers Briggs Assessment (MBTI®), FIRO-B®, DiSC® Assessment, and Situational Leadership. She is known for bringing an open and insightful approach to her coaching and consulting work.

Elise Cary

Elise has been providing consulting services to clients for the past 20 years. She draws on her extensive experience in adult learning, change management, communication, employee assessment and psychometrics to deliver business solutions focused on significant performance improvement for organizations and individuals. Employing creative strategies to address a wide range of issues, Elise leads project teams through full-cycle or phased analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation efforts. Clients appreciate her keen awareness of the broader organizational context in which solutions are delivered, and her approach that incorporates ideas and actions aimed at facilitating successful delivery and acceptance. Elise believes the art of providing value to each client rests on finding the right (and unique) balance among innovation, proven methods and practical considerations.

Keith Watson

Keith Watson is an award-winning writer with 25 years of experience in corporate communications, public relations, newspaper editing and design, magazine writing and change management. Regardless of the subject matter, Keith takes on the challenge to find the most interesting, visually appealing, concise and, when appropriate, lighthearted ways to convey the message. He has written speeches for executives, newsletters, annual reports, web copy and video scripts.

DN1 Affiliates:

Kathy Bearden, Atlanta
Becky Bradshaw, St. Louis
Jack Luby, Dallas
Rich McGlaughlin, New York
Karen Thornburg, Charlott






















































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